An integral part of our ministry is using the arts platform as a means of communication and call to action. We realize that extreme poverty is a huge thing to face, let alone overcome, therefore we are looking for as many people as possible to help join with us in serving the poor. As artists, we have decided to create art for the purpose of raising awareness about the injustices that happen around the world. Our art simultaneously functions as a tool to bring value and restoration to any persons involved in the process- both the subject and viewer. We show our work in galleries and showcase our experiences with tours and speaking engagements. We use any chance to share about what God is doing and has done in the lives of the people we work with. Since 2008 we have toured throughout Europe, United States, Canada, South East Asia and Africa. 


Artists have an ability to see and create beauty out of something that the rest of the world may not see as beautiful. The arts platform allows those artist to display their creation to the world. Through all of our projects we believe that God wants to use the arts as an amplifier to the world of what He is doing. We want to use our art to show value, beauty and God’s heart for those in poverty to the rest of the world and disciple a generation into taking action and responding to Jesus call for “The Great Commission.” The arts holds great opportunity to create change. As an artist, you have the necessary tools to be a catalyst in our world!