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The Pillalu House.  Pillalu, meaning "lion cub” in Telague dialect, is a locally run children's home in the farm lands of Vijayawada, India. In this region, the elements and side effects of extreme poverty are all around. Most villagers work 13 hour days in extreme conditions getting paid under the poverty line of 1.50€ a day.  In its wake became an abundance of children who have no one to care for them outside of school hours. The Pillalu House was created as a response to this problem, a grassroots effort to alleviate these kids from the harsh realities of extreme poverty.

The Pillalu House is the safe haven for 28 children. A small team of trusted local friends have been doing their best to provide these kids with basic necessities such as food, clothing, education and housing while their parents are out working. All of the adults involved strive to love these kids parentally, to give each of them personal care, attention, love and support.

When first introduced to this project, it was very clear to us that this was not only a well run and worthy project to invest in but a community that we felt shared our same belief. The belief that all children have the intrinsic value and basic right to be nurtured, loved and protected.  That they are entitled to have caring adults who help them develop to their full potential. We believe that with the right care, provision and support, each of these children can grow well and become the powerful, strong “Lions” we see in all of them.

Since the Pillalu House receives no financial support from the government, Pick a Pocket has partnered with this team to find solutions to their financial needs in order to ensure a long term, well run facility for all these lion cubs. We want to do this in three steps. 

Step one: Monthly supporters for each child. We’ve created a sponsorship program that ensures that basic needs and education are being provided for, but it also links people around the world personally with this project. Contact us if you'd like to become a supporter for one of the 28 children! 

Step two: Secure a better facility for The Pillalu House. We are working towards a new facility that will be able to meet the extracurricular needs for all of the children- like space to play and do homework- as well as give them a safe and comfortable environment. 

Step Three: Social Business. We understand that supporting a child monthly until they are old enough to provide for themselves is not a sustainable solution for The Pillalu House. Doing so leaves everyone involved vulnerable and unable to operate properly on a long term basis.  So while we have asked supporters to commit to a 3 year sponsorship program (ending Nov 2018), we want to use that time to help create a long term solution for financially supporting the project. We want to help the small community of volunteers that run The Pillalu House to start a Social Business. Doing so will provide them with a more stable and sustainable way of life.  Our desire is for our friends to be self sufficient, prosperous and capable of reaching their maximum potential. We are currently working with the team on creating this plan. Stay tuned for more details! 

As a ministry, Pick A Pocket believes that art has the power to speak deeply to people, bringing healing and revealing integral value. We want to bridge the gap between the developing and developed world by producing art with the purpose of raising awareness and financial aid.  As we move from place to place, our hope is that through our exhibitions, concerts and telling the Pillalu House story, doors will be opened for people to partner with us in helping to change the quality of life for these children. 


  • Become an investor in  the new facility: building it, painting it, supplying it, furnishing it and filling it with lots of books and toys! Also, as part of preparing for the new facility, we would like to include a small salary for the few volunteers who are the heartbeat behind keeping this whole thing possible. So not only will you be investing in the building itself, but you will be enabling our caregivers to do so without financial burden as a side effect of giving their time. 
  • Buy our art! Through the sales of our photography, albums, paintings and merchandise, a portion of the profit will go towards supporting The Pillalu House! The art itself also speaks to others about this project! 
  • Host a Pick a Pocket Exhibition and help us share this story with those around you!
  • Share this story: Whether you are an artist dreaming of creating an art piece about The Pillalu House project, a Facebook junkie who wants to share the story and get others in involved, or maybe a knitter who wants to help us by creating some new Pillalu Knits (more info bellow)…. we want you to get involved! Be part of transforming these kids lives through the gifts you’ve been equipped with! 

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